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Art, Creation and Christ

December 15, 2009

There is a powerful love demonstrated in Creation and creative acts. This article [via Pioneers Media Archive – Art, Creation and Christ] from tells of the connection two people made in Hungary. Zoli, a young man who recently attempted suicide, is also an artist. As their conversation progresses, the author makes the observation, “…no one looks at a painting and begins talking to it to find out why the painting made itself. Behind every painting, there is a painter…”

I think this is one of God’s greatest gifts to us – the ability to express the inexpressible, to communicate in multiple languages: sound, light, space, touch, color, smell.  All of them are channels given to us by our Creator and each has a unique ability to reflect something of His character and action and love for His Creation.

I’m thinking of people I may know, like Zoli, who need to be told that they are beautiful creations, loved, and reflecting the image of God, no matter their circumstances.

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