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A Willing Heart – Joe Dawson

March 19, 2011

Joe Dawson passed away on Thursday night in Coshilowateli, Venezuela. He and his wife, Millie, have lived among the Yanomamö since 1953, giving their lives to learn from,  love, and serve their adopted indigenous community. Through Joe and Millie and their 10 children, the Yanomamö in the Amazonas region came to understand that the Great Spirit that they feared as their Enemy, Yai Wanonabalewa, was really their Creator who loves them. For those who accepted this news, it meant the end of a life of constant fear and bloodshed that was driven by the spirits they possessed. Many Yanomamö today are mourning the loss of their true brother, Pepiwa (Joe’s Yanomamö nickname), but are thankful for his life.

Here’s a short documentary video featuring Joe and Millie, telling their story of how God first called them to go serve the Yanomamö. It’s part of a series that gives a background to the feature film, Yai Wanonabalewa: The Enemy God. That film tells the story of the how the Yanomamö discovered the truth about the spirits and the one Great Spirit who brought them peace.

You can find more information about The Enemy God film on DVD, including more documentary segments that tell Joe and Millie’s story on the film’s web site:

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  1. March 20, 2011 5:19 pm

    What a wonderful story of the Grace of God. May the Lord comfort the Dawson’s in their loss. But what a comfort to know Joe is with Jesus right now!

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