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Visual Story Summit – Edinburgh

April 12, 2011

I think a key to becoming more effective and growing in my chosen field is getting together with like-minded people who place a high priority on sharing and partnership.

I’m in Edinburgh, Scotland this week for a Summit hosted by the Visual Story Network.

The event hasn’t yet begun–that’ll happen in the morning–but in the midst of a meal together, prayer time for the event, and hanging out after-hours, I have already had really significant conversations with people I’ve not met before. These aren’t just exchanges of friendly banter; they are real expressions of excitement for what God is doing through very different organizations all over the world. And they are realizations of ways that we can and should work together and share resources.

If I had one sense to convey from today it is that we are all hungry and eager for partnership. The words ‘collaboration’, ‘generosity’, and ‘sharing’ are sprinkled in every conversation I hear.

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