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April 26, 2011

“Be A Learner”

Why is this such an innovative concept? Why do we even have to mention this as the preferred approach to cross-cultural ministry? Perhaps it’s because we westerners have a low view of other cultures, of alternative learning and communicating styles, of worldviews not formed by the western “Enlightenment?”

Even when I’m teaching something, I always realize my need to learn and understand my students and their context first. I’ve made enough mistakes with my assumptions and biases.

Many times churches ask what they can do on the mission field. How can they help? They often ask this assuming the answer will be that they should come to teach, show, model and develop the people they are trying to help.

  • We come in as teachers.
  • We come in as health care workers.
  • We come as scientists.
  • We come in as business leaders.
  • And to be honest, sometimes we come across as “know-it-alls.”

What if, instead, we came in as learners?

Read Larry McCrary’s full post here: be a learner |

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