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Classical Music As An Immersive Experience

May 12, 2011

Valor Symphonics - RedefinedThere is a new youth orchestra in town. My daughter is a growing young musician, so we checked out an informational meeting. I was blown away by the vision they have for Valor Symphonics here in the South Metro Denver area. Their goal is nothing less than redefining what it means to bring classical music to the community. They want to break down the invisible wall between the performers and audience, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond passively listening to the music. Here’s how they describe some of what they envision.

Classical orchestral music is at the core of what we do, yet we recognize that classical music is struggling to maintain momentum in our culture. We are about regaining that momentum. We plan to passionately and creatively infuse classical music with contemporary sound, story, media, staging and lighting, aspiring to redefine the classical experience in an interactive way people will love!

In my previous life as a media producer in Southern California, I was involved in youth conference events where we tried crazy things to make the event interactive with 10,000 teenagers. That was before computers could do much live, but we were all about making the event a participatory experience with a bit of a story. So I was excited to talk with the folks who are developing Valor Symphonics; they are not just music people, but include dance and film and technology creatives who are all looking at how to reignite the experience of music for concertgoers. I can’t wait to see where this goes (especially, of course, if my daughter gets a chair. Here’s hoping.)

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