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Paradigm shift for sharing knowledge: TED-Ed

April 26, 2012

Those TED people; I love when they mess with my mind. So now it’s education and extending video content in an open-source, sharing model.

If you are in any way involved in on-line media training, you should check this out.

TED-Ed | Lessons Worth Sharing.

In a nutshell, the new TED-Ed system lets any educator take existing content from their own YouTube videos and create lesson materials for their students in the form of addition text information, quizzes, etc. AND, other world-class educators (like many TED speakers) are making their own videos and lessons available. What’s more, you can edit their existing lessons to create your own custom lessons to meet your educational needs and goals. That’s pretty cool.

Of course, if your dream is to create a business from on-line education and to be able to monetize your content, this paradigm undermines that model. Depending on your content area, you could find yourself in competition with the free information folks. If you are in a niche where you are the world expert, you might still have a chance if you package it all in a way that adds great value versus the open source world. Same as always.

If you’re an educator or user, what are your thoughts?

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